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    Gov. Rick Scott Announces U.S. Senate Campaign with “Let’s Get to Work” Rallies

    THE VILLAGES, Fla. – Governor Rick Scott Friday concluded his week-long U.S. Senate campaign announcement tour around Florida, hitting ten different cities in five days. The final “Let’s Get to Work” rally concluded in the Villages this afternoon. Governor Scott will also be the featured speaker at the Pinellas County Republican Party Lincoln Day Dinner Saturday.

    Below are statements from “Let’s Get to Work” rally speakers:

    Lieutenant Governor and Secretary of State of Puerto Rico Luis Rivera-Marin said, “… The most threatful moments we faced on the island, Governor Scott was there with us consistently. We will be forever grateful to [the] governor for his knowledge on how to handle an emergency… [Governor Scott’s] consistency, clarity and above all, leadership. …A man of high moral values, a man of loyalty, and has raised together with Ann a wonderful family… who has always been involved with his community, has brought change to Florida… that’s why I support Governor Rick Scott….”

    Jamie Harden, President and Chief Executive Officer of Creative Sign Designs in Tampa, said, “I want to thank Governor Scott for all the help he has given to businesses like ours over the past seven years. His tax cuts and his real commitment to growing the state have been immeasurably helpful to our success as [Creative Sign Designs] has grown. We’ve doubled in size over the last seven years thanks to his hard work.”

    Alvaro Lozano, President, Interstate Beverages Corp. said, “…[Governor Scott] loves our state, he loves our country, he has been a great governor and my small company has grown tremendously in the seven years that we have had Governor Scott. Not only because of his economic policies, but also because he has made South Florida a fantastic, maritime port [for trade.]…”

    Don Platt, President of Micro Aerospace Solutions said, “… [Seven years ago] the shuttle program retired, we lost about 9,000 jobs in Kennedy Space Center. We were facing a huge challenge and we have really seen a revitalized space industry here on the Space Coast and throughout much of Florida. A lot of it has to do with the new commercial space groups that have come in thanks to Governor Scott, as well as his group, Space Florida. We’ve got SpaceX launching an incredible number of rockets. We’ve got Blue Origin that has built a rocket factory here. We’ve got OneWeb building satellites here and all of this is really do to Governor Scott’s leadership, as well as Space Florida capabilities to bring people here into the state and to transform the space industry….”

    Dane Gray, CEO of Elite Parking Services, said, “…Years ago I know a guy that was running for governor, wasn’t the popular candidate at the time, nobody knew about him, but what we did know is that he was going to work. I was intrigued, he was running for office at a time when nobody should be running. Our state was in dire disgrace, we had a real estate issue and we were a bad cause… but he didn’t care. He ran, he put his feet to the ground and he kept going. It’s inspirational. Lets fast forward three years, the same guy walks into our office, at the time we only had 60 employees in Florida. … [Governor Rick Scott] walks into our office, and he inspires our employees so much that now I am so humbled to say we’re over 160 employees strong, all here in the state of Florida….”

    Andy Tuck, owner and manager of Tuck Groves, Natural AG Solutions LLC and Southeast AG Management LLC, said, “… [After meeting Rick Scott in 2010,] I realized I wasn’t dealing with a normal politician. I was dealing with a father and a husband and a family man who cared more about me and my family than he did about my vote… Washington is inundated with people who are truly concerned with your vote, but it’s time we send somebody to Washington who is truly concerned with you and your family. And we start with this man right here, our jobs Governor, Governor Rick Scott.”

    Kelly Smallridge, president and CEO of the Business Development Board of Palm Beach County, said, “Let me tell you the truth about what I know with Governor Scott. In the 30 years that I have been doing this, I’ve never seen a more hands-on Governor with economic development that truly cares about creating jobs for Floridians. He cares every single day and is out there talking to companies…  All of this growth that you’ve seen here in Palm Beach County in the last several years has been through Governor Scott, because he’s helped us in economic development create policies and create this infrastructure that’s conducive, warm and welcoming to companies coming into this county….”

    Air Force Master Sgt Joseph Deslauriers said, “…The Governor advocated for $1 million in the budget to go to [Building Homes for Heroes] which builds homes for severely wounded veterans like me… We greatly appreciate what you’ve done for veterans in the State of Florida. You’ve made this pretty much… actually, it is the best, most friendly veteran state. We’re going to have you up [in D.C.] to do the same work that you do in the State of Florida because God knows we need it up there…”