Gov. Rick Scott: U.S. Must Support Freedom and Democracy in Nicaragua

MIAMI, Fla. – Governor Rick Scott today attended a meeting with members of the Nicaraguan Community in Miami-Dade County to discuss the recent injustices in Nicaragua and how Florida and the United States must do their part to help those subjected to this tragedy and government corruption. The Governor issued the following statement following the conclusion of the meeting.

“There has been much bloodshed and deaths in Nicaragua during the last several days and it has to stop. Ortega decided to use violence to silence the innocent people in Nicaragua and that is wrong. Let me be clear, repression by the Ortega government is unacceptable. Nicaragua requires international support to aid the people, bring justice and freedom. That is why I have called on the U.S. Senate to pass the NICA Act that has already passed in the House and would impose sanctions on the Ortega government, said Governor Rick Scott. “Earlier today, I met with members of our Nicaraguan community in South Florida to learn more about the atrocities that are happening there and what more we can do in the United States to help these people fighting for freedom and democracy. Our hearts go out to the people of Nicaragua and they require our attention and solidarity to the horrors that are happening there.”