In Case You Missed It: Marking One Month

As Governor Rick Scott marks the first month into his campaign, media outlets are noting that he has set a “torrid pace” and that the governor is “…on the road and in the skies, seemingly everywhere. He’s running so hard it almost makes it look as if Sen. Bill Nelson is walking.”

In the course of a month, Governor Scott has hosted over 30 events across the state, from roundtables with Florida business owners to “Let’s Get to Work” rallies and outreach to community leaders… and he won’t be slowing down.

Meanwhile, Senator Nelson – who appears preoccupied writing endless letters – has observers lamenting: “[a]nybody seen any sign of pulse on the Democratic Senator’s reelection campaign against Scott? Anybody seen any sign of a campaign at all…?” Nelson, who says he’s “running scared like a jackrabbit” and must be “smarter, faster, quicker” has held zero campaign events (unless he’s planning on doing so entirely with taxpayer-funded Senate staff).

This map highlights the events Governor Scott has attended across the state since he announced his candidacy, contrasted with Bill Nelson, with no campaign events to date.

“It’s no surprise that even when it comes to running a campaign, Bill Nelson is all talk and no action. That’s the record he has established over his half a century as a career politician and that is exactly what Floridians have unfortunately come to expect. Meanwhile, Governor Scott has hit the ground running and will continue to fight every single day to bring change to Washington so that it actually works for American families and job creators.” – Ryan Patmintra, Scott for Florida Communications Director.