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    Scott for Florida Unveils Spanish Campaign Ad: “CAMBIAR”

    Third New Television Ad Brings Total Ad Buy for the Week to More Than $3.2 Million 

    TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – The Rick Scott for Florida campaign released today its third new ad this week, “Cambiar,” a Spanish ad which will run in South Florida. The ad features Floridians applauding Governor Scott for his leadership in revitalizing Florida’s economy and his commitment to changing Washington. This brings the total ad buy for this week to more than $3.2 million following the earlier releases of “Presente” and “Party Line.” Since Governor Scott kicked off his campaign just over one month ago, the Scott for Florida team has run six television and digital ads across the state, totaling more than $8 million, to promote the Governor’s message of getting Washington work for American families and job creators.

    Watch the ad above and see the full script here:

    FLORIDIAN ISIS PACHECO: Rick Scott has created more opportunities in Florida.

    FLORIDIAN MARICEL COBITZ: There are more jobs in Florida thanks to Rick Scott.

    FLORIDIAN KELVIN VALLE: As a veteran, I’m very grateful to Rick Scott. He has created jobs and he’s put people back into the labor force, and that’s why I support him.

    FLORIDIAN ISIS PACHECO: I’m Isis. I’m with Rick Scott and let’s keep working. 

    RICK SCOTT: We can change Washington. We must change Washington.  Together we will change Washington. 

    RICK SCOTT: I’m Rick Scott and I approve this message.    

    TEXT ON SCREEN: Paid for by Rick Scott for Florida. Approved by Rick Scott.