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    Scott for Florida Rolls Out New Digital Ad: Partisan Voter

    Check the Record… Bill Nelson Votes the Party Line 

    TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Following the release of the Democrat Senate Majority PAC’s ad attempting to portray Bill Nelson as an independent senator, the Rick Scott for Florida campaign unveiled today a new digital ad highlighting Nelson’s record of party-line voting. The examples in the Scott for Florida ad include… 

    • During Nelson’s entire Senate career, he has voted in lockstep with Chuck Schumer 91 percent of the time. (CQ Vote Study, Accessed 5/15/18)
    • When Hillary Clinton was in the U.S. Senate, Nelson voted with her nearly 89 percent of the time. (CQ Vote Study, Accessed 5/15/18)
    • Nelson was a rubberstamp for President Obama, voting with him 98 percent of the time; meanwhile, he has opposed the current President nearly 60 percent of the time. (CQ Vote Study, Access 5/15/18); (Senator Nelson, “Tracking Congress In The Age Of Trump,”, Accessed 5/15/18)

    See the ad above or click HERE

    “After a half century in office, shouldn’t Floridians know who Bill Nelson is? It looks like Democrat party boss Chuck Schumer has had to come to the aid of his struggling foot soldier Bill Nelson. It’s ironic that a liberal SuperPAC is going out of its way to claim that Bill Nelson is independent. Nelson’s voting record is anything but moderate and nothing can hide his own record of voting in lockstep with his party bosses in D.C. Not surprisingly, the ad focuses on things Nelson has opposed, but not a single thing he has accomplished. Clearly, Nelson’s own base can’t even come up with real results worth sharing.” – Ryan Patmintra, Scott for Florida Communications Director