WHAT THEY ARE SAYING… Florida Leaders Applaud Gov. Rick Scott’s Proposal to End Wasteful Spending in D.C


Florida Leaders Applaud Gov. Rick Scott’s Proposal to End Wasteful Spending in D.C

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Following the announcement this week of Governor Rick Scott’s third proposal of his “Make Washington Work” plan to end wasteful spending by providing the executive branch with line item veto authority, leaders across Florida are applauding Governor Scott’s commitment to responsible spending and seven-year history of protecting taxpayer dollars from wasteful state budgets. See what business leaders are saying below… 

Rick Concotelli, President of the Bay Area Manufacturers Association in Tampa, said, “Governor Scott knows the value of a dollar and does everything in his power to make sure Florida taxpayers get the best bang for the buck. He scrutinizes Florida’s budget every year to find ways to provide better value for us – and that’s exactly how it should work in Washington.”

Virginia Whetstone, Owner, Whetstone Chocolate in St. Augustine, said, “Floridians have an opportunity to elect a leader who has demonstrated his unwavering commitment to an economy that supports the priorities of Floridians, not politicians. Electing Governor Rick Scott is our opportunity to change Congress’ wasteful spending and help return more money back to the hardworking American taxpayer.” 

Thomas Davis, Owner of Gulf Coast Aluminum in Estero, said, “Governor Scott has saved Floridians more than $2.4 billion using the power of the line item veto. He has protected families from wasteful pet projects, so taxpayer dollars can be spent on what matters most to our families – our education, transportation and the environment.” 

Fabio A. Andrade, President of Americas Community Center in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area, said, “The line item veto is the best check on overspending the government can have. Just like Governor Scott has demonstrated in Florida, it encourages responsible spending and puts accountability on politicians who are more interested in their own political ambitions than what is right for Florida families.”

Gladys Casteleiro, former director of Puerto Rico Federal Affairs Administration in Orlando, said, “Unlike career politicians in D.C., Governor Scott has worked every single year to save critical taxpayer dollars. His hyper-focus on wise spending helped lead to a remarkable economic turnaround in Florida, and is exactly why we need him to do the same thing in Washington.”

Phillip Fender, CEO, Transformation Media, LLC. in Miami, said, “It’s time to put an end to Congress’ love of pork barrel spending. They forgot that it’s not their money to spend, it’s our hard earned dollars. That is one reason why Governor Scott’s proposal to implement a line item veto makes certain Americans are getting the most value for their investment.” 

Amy Pope-Wells, Owner, Link Staffing & Tire Diva in Jacksonville, said, “Each proposal of Governor’s Scott’s ‘Make Washington Work’ Plan restores accountability to a system that many of us consider broken. Governor Scott recognizes the need to eliminate waste and invest in our country so American families can have the same opportunities for growth we have experienced in Florida.”

Mark Cross, EA., Mark Cross Tax Services, Inc. in Kissimmee, said, “Career politicians are experts at finding ways to slip pork barrel projects in the budget at the taxpayers’ expense. The president should have the authority to eliminate this wasteful spending – the same as 44 governors have across the country. Using his veto power, Governor Scott has saved Florida families over $2.4 billion. It is time for D.C. to follow Florida’s lead. We need Rick Scott in the Senate.”