Scott for Florida Rolls Out New Statewide Ad: “Pinto”

A lot has changed in 40 years, but Bill Nelson is still in Washington

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – The Rick Scott for Florida campaign rolled out today a new television and digital ad, “Pinto.” The ad acknowledges how Bill Nelson has remained a stagnant career politician in Washington over the last half century, with no notable accomplishments for Florida families. The ad will air statewide with a more than $2.7 million ad purchase.

After more than 40 years in office, what has Nelson done?

  • Bill Nelson has voted in favor of higher taxes 349 times
  • Bill Nelson failed to protect Florida’s Space Coast from economic disaster and Obama’s massive budget cuts.
  • Bill Nelson hurt Florida’s seniors by turning his back on Medicare and supporting multiple tax increases on the elderly.
  • Bill Nelson continues to use the plight of Puerto Ricans for political gain.

 Governor Rick Scott, meanwhile, has used his short time in office to completely turn around Florida’s economy:

  • Florida businesses have created more than 1.5 million jobs in just over seven years.
  • State debt was paid down by more than $9 billion.
  • Florida home values have skyrocketed.
  • More than $10 billion has been returned to hardworking Floridians through nearly 100 tax cuts.
  • Record investments were made in areas that matter most to Florida families, including education, transportation and the environment.
  • Florida’s unemployment rate has dropped from over 10 percent to 3.6 percent.

“Bill Nelson has been in Washington long enough that his accomplishments for Florida should be abundant. But after nearly half a century in office, Nelson still fails to point to anything concrete he has done for our state besides raising taxes. Floridians deserve better than an ineffective career politician who waits until an election year to try to prove himself – Floridians deserve a leader like Governor Scott who has consistently fought for our state and who will continue to do so in Washington.” – Lauren Schenone, Scott for Florida Press Secretary

Watch the ad above and see the full script here:

GOVERNOR SCOTT: I’m Rick Scott and I approve this message.

NARRATOR: In 1978, the Ford Pinto was the best-selling small car in America, gas was 63 cents a gallon and Bill Nelson was elected to Congress. 

NARRATOR: 40 years later, a lot of things changed, but Bill Nelson is still in Washington, still collecting a paycheck.

NARRATOR: And besides reading speeches, what has Nelson done all those years? 349 times, he’s voted for higher taxes.

NARRATOR: Isn’t a half century in Washington enough?

TEXT ON SCREEN: Paid for by Rick Scott for Florida. Approved by Rick Scott.