Gov. Rick Scott: Bill Nelson has Done Nothing to Fix our Broken Immigration System

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Today, the Scott for Florida campaign released the below statement from Governor Rick Scott on how Bill Nelson has done nothing to fix our broken immigration system.

Governor Rick Scott said, “I have continued to say that I am completely opposed to this policy of separating children from their parents. While these parents did break our laws by entering the United States illegally, I do not believe our country should respond by tearing these families apart. With the exception of those legitimately seeking asylum from oppressive regimes, all those who enter illegally should be deported.

“Let’s be very clear about this – the chaos at our border will continue until we secure the border. Washington’s failure to secure our border has been a bi-partisan failure for many decades. Bill Nelson first went to Washington when Jimmy Carter was President. Since that time, he has done nothing to secure our borders. He has done nothing to fix our broken immigration system. In 40 years, he has done nothing but talk. Does he want another 40 years to work on it? Washington is full of career politicians who are all talk but who produce no results, and Bill Nelson is exhibit A.

“Now Bill Nelson has signed on to a bill in the Senate which would make ‘catch and release’ our new law at the border. This extremely liberal idea is a recipe for an open border. Legal immigration makes our country stronger; illegal immigration makes our country weaker. Bill Nelson favors open borders; I favor securing our border. Bill Nelson favors ‘catch and release;’ I favor ‘catch and send back’. So yes, there’s a legitimate disagreement.”