PHOTO RELEASE Gov. Rick Scott Highlights “Make Washington Work” Plan in Jacksonville

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Today, at Bobcat of Jacksonville, Governor Rick Scott rolled out the newest proposal of his “Make Washington Work” Plan requiring Congress to pass an annual budget and meet appropriations bill deadlines, or forgo their own salaries until the job is done. While funding government and passing a budget is one of its most basic responsibilities, Congress has failed to pass appropriations bills on time for twenty-two straight years, and has allowed Floridians to be negatively impacted by multiple government shutdowns. Despite failing to do his job, Bill Nelson has never forgone his salary and has refused to support legislation that would stop congressional pay during a government shutdown. Nelson has collected an estimated $4.4 million in taxpayer-funded salary and taken 12 pay raises during his time in office.

The Governor’s “Make Washington Work” Plan will be aimed squarely at reforming the dysfunctional and tired ways of thinking in Washington in order to make it actually work for families across the nation – not just for career politicians in DC.