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    Gov. Rick Scott Launches Small Business Coalition in Orlando

    ORLANDO, Fla. – Today, at Restaurant Equipment World in Orlando, Governor Scott announced the launch of his Small Business Coalition, which is made up of job creators from across the state who want to see Florida’s business-friendly environment continue both here and across the country. So far, more than 400 businesses, including organizations from all 67 counties in Florida, have joined the coalition in support of Governor Scott’s campaign for U.S. Senate. This roll out follows the endorsement of the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) yesterday. While Governor Scott has cut more than $10 billion in taxes to help families and businesses succeed, Bill Nelson has a long history of working to increase taxes for Florida families and job creators – including voting in favor of higher taxes 349 times and voting against the federal tax reform.




    Jerry Pierce, Chairman & Founder of Restaurant Equipment World

    I’d like to introduce someone that’s very special to NFIB.

    This journey started about eight years ago, in 2010, when we were introduced to a gentleman who is not a politician – who is actually a businessman, which was very refreshing.

    And something that we’ve learned over the years, and I think all the elected people of Florida have, is this is a gentleman who understands income and expense statements for small businesses, particularly. We know that you have revenue and then you have expenses. One of the top expenses we have is for our employees – and those are the ones that we create jobs for.

    Some politicians over the years have thought that business doesn’t create jobs. Some people think that government creates jobs. But, we know that businesses create jobs. And what government does, government sets a landscape in order for US to be able to create those jobs. And those jobs are the lifeblood of this state and also for our country.

    And the gentleman next to me understands that. I look at him as never being a politician. He’s a servant. A servant for us and for the people, and he’s done a tremendous job. The best thing is you have dreamers and doers out at Disney, but this man is an identifier of problems and he fixes problems, and he has created 1.5 million jobs along with small business here in the state of Florida since 2010. He has reduced taxes. He’s cut regulation – which is the detriment of many small businesses of being able to get things done. 

    It is a distinct pleasure, as eight years ago when we were one of the first organizations to endorse Governor Scott and now, for U.S. Senator, I am so proud to endorse Governor Scott for U.S. Senator for the State of Florida. Welcome, Governor. Thank you very much.