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    Scott For Florida Rolls Out New Television Ad: “Work For Us”

    “We’re tired of Washington working for them – they need to start working for us.”

    TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Today, the Scott for Florida campaign unveiled a new television ad, “Work for Us,” which features Governor Scott’s goal of reforming Washington so that it works for American families – not career politicians.

    The Governor has been rolling out proposals of his “Make Washington Work” Plan throughout his campaign for U.S. Senate, which is aimed squarely at reforming the dysfunctional and tired ways of thinking in Washington. These proposals include:

    • Implementing term limits in Congress.
    • Requiring a supermajority vote of two-thirds of each house of Congress to approve any tax or fee increase before it can become law.
    • Ending wasteful spending in Washington through a line item veto.
    • Requiring Congress to forgo their own salaries if budget deadlines are not met.


    Watch the ad above and see the full script here:

    Governor Rick Scott: “Washington’s a disaster. It’s dysfunctional.

    “This concept of career politicians has got to stop.

    “We’re tired of Washington working for them – they need to start working for us.

    “I’m not accepting the same results.

    “We’ve got to bring new ideas, fresh thinking – and we’ve got to change the direction of this country.

    “Let’s get to work.

    “I’m Rick Scott and I approve this message.”