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    100 Things to Know About Governor Scott


    1. Under Governor Scott’s leadership, Florida has created more than 1.5 million private sector jobs – with Florida’s annual job growth rate outpacing the nation.
    2. Governor Scott worked to pay down more than $9 billion in state debt.
    3. First Lady Ann Scott released an educational children’s book titled Ally & Jordi’s Adventures Through Florida, to teach children about Florida’s history, culture and environment.
    4. Governor Scott believes a strong infrastructure system helps bring more families and visitors to our state, and he has worked to invest $85 billion to improve Florida’s roads, bridges, airports and seaports.
    5. Governor Scott has continued to fight against Georgia’s reckless use of water to protect the health of the Apalachicola River and Bay and the livelihoods of the families that rely on these waters.
    6. Governor Scott has championed investments and legislation to support Florida law enforcement officers even in the face of extreme challenges, which has helped Florida’s crime rate reach a historic 47-year low.
    7. Under Governor Scott’s leadership, Florida has continued to consistently break tourism records, which is why the Governor has fought to continue important funding for VISIT FLORIDA to bring more visitors to our state.
    8. Governor Scott is proud that Florida is known as the fishing capital of the world and he encourages everyone to take advantage of the annual license-free fishing days with their friends and loved ones.
    9. Governor Scott issued a proclamation recognizing the UCF Knights as national champions in Florida after their undefeated season last year.
    10. Governor Scott practices speaking Spanish nearly every day.
    11. Under Governor Scott’s leadership, Florida has significantly less debt per capita than New Jersey, New York, Illinois and California – in fact, California and Illinois have more than double the debt per capita of Florida, New York has triple the debt per capita, and New Jersey quadruple the debt per capita.
    12. Governor Scott championed a more than $80 million investment for Graduate Medical Education programs to help hospitals expand their residency programs.
    13. Governor Scott believes all Floridians must take action to be prepared for hurricane season, which is why he fought to secure a hurricane supplies sales-tax holiday and why he often stresses the importance of getting a plan before a storm.
    14. Governor Scott has worked to eliminate government waste and bureaucracy so that Florida can have the most efficient government workforce in the country.
    15. Governor Scott keeps a model of the USS Glover made by the Jacksonville Historic Naval Ship Association on display for visitors to enjoy at the Florida Capitol Building.
    16. Governor Scott challenged Florida state colleges to offer a $10,000 bachelor’s degree program for our students, and all of the colleges with baccalaureate degrees accepted.
    17. Governor Scott has secured record amounts of funding to advance Alzheimer’s research and cancer research and prevention.
    18. Under Governor Scott’s leadership, for the first time, all six state veteran nursing homes achieved a Five-Star Quality Rating from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.
    19. Governor Scott and First Lady Ann Scott are the proud parents of two daughters.
    20. Governor Scott is a baseball fan and has joined Floridians and visitors from all across the country in celebrating Florida’s spring training games.
    21. Governor Scott has secured investments in library grants, cultural programs, and historic preservation to protect Florida’s history and support cultural heritage tourism and economic development.
    22. Under Governor Scott’s leadership, nearly 80 percent of Florida businesses don’t pay the business tax, which means companies can invest more in growing and creating new job opportunities.
    23. Governor Scott and First Lady Ann Scott helped found the Naples Community Church.
    24. Governor Scott lived in public housing when he was growing up, but he worked hard to achieve the American Dream – now he is fighting to make sure all Floridians have those same opportunities to succeed.
    25. Governor Scott used to cook Hamburger Helper for First Lady Ann Scott when they were newlyweds.
    26. Governor Scott believes we must support freedom and democracy for the people of Latin America, and under his leadership, Florida has stood in direct opposition to dictatorships in Cuba and Venezuela.
    27. One of Governor Scott and First Lady Ann Scott’s favorite memories with their grandchildren is the first time they all went to Disney World together – a favorite memory for so many of Florida’s families and visitors!
    28. First Lady Ann Scott hosts an annual Summer Literacy Adventure to challenge students to read as many books as possible over the summer to help Florida children stay motivated about reading year-round.
    29. Governor Scott rejected federal tax payer dollars for high speed rail to keep Floridians from being on the hook for hundreds of millions of dollars (which is exactly what happened in states like California and Connecticut). Now, under Governor Scott’s leadership, the State of Florida has begun the process to allow for private investment in a high-speed rail connection from Orlando to Tampa – which means zero financial risk to Florida taxpayers.
    30. Since he was elected, Governor Scott has directed investments of more than $2 billion in workforce development projects for Florida communities to ensure the best workers are available to our job creators.
    31. One of Governor Scott’s most unique and fun experiences as governor was when he helped release two rehabilitated loggerhead turtles into their natural Florida habitat.
    32. Governor Scott sold the state plane when he was first elected, which has saved the state $2.4 million each year since 2011.
    33. Governor Scott and First Lady Ann Scott are the proud grandparents of six grandsons.
    34. Governor Scott is an Eagle Scout.
    35. As a result of Governor Scott’s continued work supporting Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria and his commitment to the Puerto Rican community in Florida, the Governor has been endorsed by Puerto Rico Congresswoman Jenniffer González-Colón.
    36. Since Governor Scott was elected, Florida has invested more than $1billion in funding to better coordinate mental health and substance abuse services in Florida’s communities so vulnerable Floridians can get the help they need.
    37. Governor Scott believes the role of a judge is to fairly and accurately interpret our laws and uphold the Constitution, not advocate from the bench.
    38. Governor Scott believes students should be able to receive the education that works best for them, and has supported legislation that expands school choice and gives more flexibility to students and families.
    39. Governor Scott didn’t run for governor because he wanted to be a politician – he ran for governor to use his experience as a business owner and problem solver to help make Florida the best state in the nation for families and job creators to succeed.
    40. Governor Scott was the first governor in history to secure a statewide teacher pay raise in order to thank the many educators that are preparing Florida students for future success.
    41. Under Governor Scott’s leadership, 88,000 new Florida businesses have been created, an increase of more than 19 percent.
    42. Like many families, Governor Scott’s family has been personally affected by substance abuse, which is one reason why he proposed and secured $65 million to support Florida’s fight against opioids and provide prevention, treatment and recovery support services.
    43. Some of Governor Scott’s favorite foods include Cuban croquetas from Vicky’s Bakery in South Florida and dark chocolate from Grimaldi Candies in Central Florida.
    44. Governor Scott championed and signed legislation to increase transparency for Florida hospitals and patients to fight against hospital price gouging.
    45. Governor Scott signed legislation to permanently expand Bright Futures to cover 100 percent of tuition for Florida Academic Scholars and 75 percent for Florida Medallion Scholars, including for summer courses.
    46. Under Governor Scott’s leadership, Florida has become the 17th largest economy in the world.
    47. Governor Scott believes that students should have every opportunity to earn a degree without graduating with mountains of debt, which is why he has challenged technical schools, colleges and universities to help students graduate faster and at lower costs.
    48. Governor Scott once invited Yale University to move to Florida after Connecticut threatened to implement massive and unfair tax increases – while they haven’t accepted yet, the offer is still open!
    49. Governor Scott does not take a salary as governor, which has saved Florida taxpayers nearly $1 million.
    50. Some of the many jobs Governor Scott has had include delivering newspapers, working at a grocery store, and working in construction.
    51. Governor Scott does not believe on waiting on the federal government, and under his leadership, the state has stepped up multiple times when Washington politicians failed.
    52. Governor Scott secured funding to modernize and improve all of the Florida National Guard Armories under the Florida Armory Revitalization Program, which will help keep our guardsmen and women safe and increase readiness during emergencies.
    53. Governor Scott fulfilled his promise to establish a dedicated funding source to protect the future of Florida’s iconic springs, which will invest a total of $500 million from the state over 10 years.
    54. Governor Scott fought to get a Constitutional amendment on the ballot this fall which will allow Floridians to vote to make it harder for future legislatures to increase any taxes or fees.
    55. Under his leadership, Florida’s higher education system has been ranked first in the nation.
    56. As a result of his commitment to making it easier for business to succeed and create jobs, Governor Scott has received unprecedented endorsements from local, state and national Chambers of Commerce, the National Federation of Independent Business, the Associated Builders and Contractors of Florida and the Associated Industries of Florida.
    57. Governor Scott has visited every single one of Florida’s 67 counties to speak with Floridians and make sure he is fighting for what matters most to Florida families.
    58. Under Governor Scott’s leadership, state funding for Florida’s K-12 public schools has increased by more than $3 billion.
    59. Governor Scott has fought to protect Florida’s iconic citrus industry by advocating for citrus funding in Washington and investing more than $120 million to support our citrus industry and fight against citrus greening since he became governor.
    60. After Congress failed to protect the Space Coast from Obama’s cuts, Governor Scott worked to revitalize the region by cutting taxes, encouraging major businesses like Embraer, Lockheed Martin and Airbus One Web Satellites to create jobs, and investing in state programs like Space Florida.
    61. Under Governor Scott’s leadership, there were more than 232,000 job openings across Florida during the month of June, which means hundreds of thousands of opportunities for Floridians to succeed.
    62. The Governor will continue to fight for this priority on the national level by working to require a supermajority vote of two-thirds of each house of Congress to approve any tax or fee increase before it can become law.
    63. Under the Governor’s leadership, Florida’s State Park System has won its third National Gold Medal for Excellence in Park and Recreation Management, the first of any state to do so.
    64. Governor Scott’s first business was a donut shop, which he started to provide a job for his mom and a place for him and First Lady Ann Scott to work during school.
    65. Governor Scott has worked to increase funding for Florida’s iconic Everglades by nearly $1 billion.
    66. Governor Scott used the GI Bill to help put himself through school, which is why he worked to help out-of-state veterans afford a college education by automatically qualifying them for in-state tuition rates.
    67. After Tallahassee communities were impacted by Hurricane Hermine, Governor Scott personally led a three-day clean-up effort with volunteers from the National Guard, veterans’ groups, state agency heads and state employees.
    68. Governor Scott’s favorite piece of advice for young Floridians is to work hard, get a good education, and someday run for public office so they too can help improve our state.
    69. Governor Scott believes Floridians know how to spend their money better than the government does, which is why he has worked to cut more than $10 billion in taxes during his time as governor.
    70. Governor Scott believes Congress should not get paid for spending less than half their time in Washington, which is why he will work to require Congress put in full-time work for a full-time salary, just like hard working Americans across the country.
    71. Governor Scott stands with Florida’s law enforcement officers, and has received the endorsement of 56 Florida sheriffs and the Florida Police Chiefs Association.
    72. Governor Scott and First Lady Ann Scott have both encouraged Florida families to adopt children in need of loving homes, and since the Governor was elected, 20,000 children in foster care have been adopted.
    73. Governor Scott has traveled across the country to meet with businesses and encourage them to bring their companies to Florida in order to create more jobs.
    74. Under Governor Scott’s leadership, Florida has received the highest credit rating in state history, a clear indicator of the strength of Florida’s economy and will save taxpayers money in future state interest payments.
    75. Governor Scott is results oriented, and believes in setting goals and meeting deadlines in order to get things done.
    76. After Congress failed to meet federal funding commitments, Governor Scott became the first governor in history to secure state funding to jump start repairs to the federally operated Herbert Hoover Dike to help families surrounding Lake Okeechobee.
    77. Governor Scott is a Navy veteran who served aboard the USS Glover.
    78. Governor Scott traveled to Kuwait this Independence Day, where the Florida National Guard and Army Reserves from Orlando are currently stationed, in order to recognize them and their service.
    79. Governor Scott wants all Floridians to be able lead healthy, independent lives in our state, which is why he has proudly supported investments and programs such as the Gardiner scholarship, that help individuals with unique abilities.
    80. Governor Scott has awarded more than 14,500 veterans with the Governor’s Veterans Service Medal since 2013.
    81. One of Governor Scott’s favorite places to take his grandkids is to the Naples Zoo.
    82. Governor Scott believes in term limits for politicians – and will work to implement term limits in Congress once he is elected to the U.S. Senate.
    83. Under Governor Scott’s leadership, Florida is one of the least expensive states to get a college degree, with one of the lowest student loan debt averages in the country.
    84. First Lady Ann Scott’s book was distributed to Florida schools and libraries at no cost and all proceeds from book sales will benefit the Friends of the Museums of Florida History Inc. to support the promotion of Florida’s history and culture.
    85. After Congress failed to meet federal funding commitments, Governor Scott secured state funding to complete the PortMiami deep dredge project, which helped welcome bigger, more modern ships to increase trade and tourism.
    86. Governor Scott and First Lady Ann Scott are high school sweethearts and celebrated their 46th wedding anniversary earlier this year.
    87. Governor Scott hosted a Latin American Summit which welcomed leaders from across the country and the world to Florida in order to improve and build partnerships that generate economic prosperity and enhance democracy and human rights throughout Latin America.
    88. First Lady Ann Scott has visited schools in every single one of Florida’s 67 counties to share her love for reading with Florida students.
    89. When Congress failed to step up and quickly pass funding to address the Zika virus, Governor Scott signed executive orders authorizing more than $61 million in state funds for Zika preparedness, preparation and research, to keep Floridians and visitors safe.
    90. Governor Scott will also not accept a salary as U.S. Senator.
    91. Governor Scott has visited Puerto Rico seven times since Hurricane Maria to help with ongoing recovery efforts.
    92. Governor Scott believes Washington politicians don’t know how to spend taxpayer dollars responsibly, which is why he will work to end wasteful spending in Washington through a line item veto.
    93. Both Governor Scott and First Lady Ann benefitted from public education, which is why they both committed to supporting our schools and our students.
    94. Governor Scott has traveled to Israel three times as Governor and has worked to strengthen Florida and Israel’s generations of friendship.
    95. Governor Scott has a plan to reform Congress and “Make Washington Work” for families across the country – not for career politicians in D.C.
    96. Governor Scott does not believe that politicians should continue to take home taxpayer funded pay checks when they fail to do their job, which is why he will work to require Congress to pass an annual budget and meet appropriations bill deadlines, or forgo their own salaries until the job is done.
    97. Governor Scott worked with the Florida Legislature to establish the Florida Job Growth Grant Fund, the first of its kind, to provide funding for public infrastructure and workforce training projects across the state.
    98. Under Governor Scott’s leadership, the number of Child Protective Investigators has increased by nearly 300 in order to better protect vulnerable children.
    99. Governor Scott successfully worked to have Florida removed from consideration for offshore oil drilling in order to protect our state’s coastline.
    100. Governor Scott got his first job at seven-years-old and has not stopped working since.