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    Scott for Florida Rolls Out New Television and Digital Ad: “Stealing from Medicare”

    TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Today, the Rick Scott for Florida campaign unveiled a new television and digital ad, “Stealing from Medicare,” which highlights Bill Nelson’s hypocrisy of avoiding paying payroll taxes and providing health insurance to campaign workers while advocating for programs like Social Security and Medicare, which are largely funded through the very payroll taxes he is avoiding.

    Despite failing to pay his own taxes, Bill Nelson has voted in favor of higher taxes and fees more than 300 times over the course of his nearly half century in office.Governor Rick Scott said, “Reports of Bill Nelson habitually refusing to pay taxes is nothing short of shameful. Bill Nelson raises your taxes but it appears he doesn’t pay his own. He fights for big government through health insurance mandates, then reportedly avoids providing health insurance for his own employees. This is exactly the kind of hypocrisy we have come to expect from a career politician like Bill Nelson. We need leaders in Washington who will look out for Florida taxpayers instead of looking out for themselves.”

    Watch the ad above and see the full script here:

    RICK SCOTT: I’m Rick Scott and I approve this message.

    Payroll taxes. Employers must pay them for their employees. That’s what funds Medicare and Social Security.

    But career politician Bill Nelson doesn’t think that rule applies to him.

    News reports reveal that Nelson doesn’t pay payroll taxes for his employees. He doesn’t even provide them with health benefits.

    It’s stealing money from Medicare and Social Security – and it’s unfair.

    Bill Nelson increases your taxes, but he doesn’t pay his own.

    TEXT ON SCREEN: Paid for by Rick Scott for Florida. Approved by Rick Scott.