Scott for Florida Announces Statewide Ad: “Fair Opportunity”

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Today, the Rick Scott for Florida campaign announced the latest statewide ad, “Fair Opportunity,” which shares Governor Scott’s experiences living in public housing and growing up in a family that struggled financially. Governor Scott has worked every day as governor to help create jobs and opportunities so every Floridian, even the children who grow up just like he did, can achieve the American Dream. As U.S. Senator, Governor Scott will continue to do all he can to make sure every person in Florida has a fair opportunity.

Watch the ad above and see the full script here:

I grew up in public housing, in a place like this.

My mom worked three jobs to feed us kids.

I’ll never forget the day our car was repossessed.

Life wasn’t easy and the struggles were real.

But if you look closer at a place like this, you see more than struggles.

You see future engineers. Teachers. Maybe even a future governor.

I won’t rest until every person in Florida has a fair opportunity.

I’m Rick Scott. I approve this message.

Let’s get to work.