Bill Nelson Walks Out on Florida Algae Crisis

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Today, the Scott for Florida campaign released a new digital ad highlighting Bill Nelson walking out of a Senate hearing yesterday on the algae blooms impacting waterways in Florida and across the United States. While Bill Nelson showed up to give a grandstanding speech, he didn’t stick around to listen to the expert witnesses or ask any questions. Instead, immediately, after giving brief remarks, he LEFT THE MEETING.

After Nelson disappeared, the hearing continued for another 50 minutes. Nelson did not come back at any point and no Senator who spoke indicated that they were asking a question on his behalf.

“Bill Nelson pledged ‘to save Lake Okeechobee and make polluters pay for the cleanup’ in a campaign ad thirty years ago, but after failing for decades to follow through on this commitment, he continues to focus more on politicizing the issue than solving it. In fact, Nelson’s walk out proved that he only cares to show up when he can grandstand and leave when he’s bored. Florida deserves a Senator committed to actually doing the job. Clearly, that’s not Bill Nelson.” – Chris Hartline, Spokesman, Scott for Florida