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    Gov. Scott Statement on the Gillum-Nelson-Socialism ticket

    Three weeks ago, Florida Democrats nominated the most liberal gubernatorial candidate in the history of the state. The Gillum-Nelson-Socialism ticket has already stated that they will undo the pro-growth, pro-family, low-tax record of the last 8 years, when almost 1.6 million new jobs were created. And Gillum’s running mate, Senator Bill Nelson, called Gillum’s positions“mainstream.”

    Now, Senator Nelson is having some trouble navigating the new progressive movement, evidenced by his cringeworthy interview with the Tampa Bay Times editorial board.

    Statement from Governor Rick Scott: “It’s no surprise that a confused, career Washington politician will say one thing one week and another thing the next. Last week Senator Nelson said Gillum’s positions are mainstream. This week he’s disavowing them. It’s clear Bill Nelson will say anything (and in this case everything) to try to desperately hold on to political office. But at the end of the day, the voters of Florida know the damage that the Gillum-Nelson-Socialism ticket will have on them and their families.”

    Some highlights from Senator Nelson’s Editorial Board interview:

    • “I don’t want to abolish ICE. I want to abolish Trump,” Nelson said.
    • What about Gillum’s support for universal healthcare, often called Medicare for all? “I’ve got enough trouble just trying to save Obamacare,” Nelson said. “I’m into results.”
    • A $15 minimum wage? “I have supported a $12 minimum wage,” Nelson said
    • “He’s bringing a lot of new energy to the table and I think it’s going to produce more African Americans, I think it’s going to produce more young people,” Nelson said

    And the most cringeworthy of them all? “…hopefully I might have some value that I bring to the ballot as well.”

    No, not really.