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    Gov. Scott: Senator Nelson’s Most Confusing Attack Yet

    Three days after Governor Rick Scott issued a statement disagreeing with the president’s remarks on Puerto Rico’s tragic death toll, Senator Bill Nelson decided to weigh in… on Twitter handles.

    Governor Rick Scott said, “Senator Nelson has made a lot of confused and misleading statements over the past few months, but his fascination over which Twitter handle I used when I clearly expressed my disagreement with President Trump takes the cake. Unfortunately, this kind of political rhetoric is exactly what we have come to expect from all-talk, Washington politicians like Senator Nelson – he spends more time obsessing over confusing social media conspiracy theories than he does actually working for Floridians. Maybe this week, he could take a break from analyzing which Twitter handle I use and instead take the time to secure the passage of the EAA Reservoir for communities around Lake Okeechobee (Army Corps of Engineers Twitter handle: @USACEHQ), accept the debates we agreed to (Twitter handles: @wjxt4 and @FoxNews), or give Floridians a straight answer on why he believes Andrew Gillum’s socialist positions are ‘mainstream’ (Twitter handle(s): @AndrewGillum/ @SenSanders/ @DemSocialists)… including these Twitter handles might help the Senator respond.”