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    Scott for Florida Releases TV and Digital Ad: “Empty Chair”

    TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Today, the Rick Scott for Florida campaign released its latest television and digital ad, “Empty Chair,” highlighting Bill Nelson’s half century career as an absent politician more focused on pandering to his party bosses than accomplishing anything for Floridians. Nelson’s record of absence includes skipping 45 percent of the Senate hearings on national security – NATIONAL SECURITY.

    Throughout his time as a career politician, Nelson has been called out on numerous occasions for failing to accomplish anything notable for Florida, including…

    • In 1990, almost 20 years after first being elected to a public office, The Orlando Sentinel found, “Mr. Nelson has been running for something or other during much of his life, but leaving few footprints behind.” (Editorial, “Lawton Chiles A Statesman,” Orlando Sentinel, 8/26/90)
    • In 2012, The Tampa Bay Times noted, “He is not seen as a forceful voice in debates and cuts a ghostly presence in Capitol Halls.” (Alex Leary, “Sen. Nelson’s Cautious Political Trajectory,” Tampa Bay Times, 5/28/12)
    • A 2017 survey found that nearly half of Floridians surveyed did not have an opinion of Bill Nelson. (Public Opinion Research Laboratory at the University of North Florida, 10/24/17)

    • Throughout his time in Congress, Nelson has been the lead sponsor of only 11 bills that became law. (Library Of Congress, Accessed 9/17/18)


    Governor Scott, however, has a 10-point plan to “Make Washington Work” for families across the nation, not just for Senator Nelson and his fellow career politicians in D.C.

    Watch the ad above and see the full script here:

    I’m Rick Scott and I approve this message.

    Bill Nelson’s been running for office in Florida since 1972.
    Can you name one thing he’s done?

    I’ll keep waiting.

    Bill Nelson votes his party line 89% of the time – and that’s when he bothers to show up at all.

    Nelson skipped 45% of the hearings on national security. NATIONAL SECURITY.

    Bill Nelson doesn’t write laws, he doesn’t even show up.

    Bill Nelson’s chair is empty. Even when he’s in it.