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Nearly 60 Puerto Rican Officials Endorse Gov. Scott’s Campaign for U.S. Senate

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Today, Puerto Rico officials including Congresswoman Jenniffer González-Colón, Former Governor Luis Fortuño, Lieutenant Governor and Secretary of State Luis Rivera Marin, Senate President Thomas Rivera Schatz, and Speaker of the House of Representatives, Carlos ‘Johnny’ Méndez Núñez released the below statements following Puerto Rico Governor Rosselló’s endorsement of fellow democrat Senator Nelson. Governor Scott has accepted the endorsements of nearly 60 Puerto Rican officials.

Congresswoman Jenniffer González-Colón said, “Senator Nelson has had decades to stand up for Puerto Rico, but we only hear from him during election years. Today’s announcement is just another example of the Senator only turning toward Puerto Rico when he needs to protect his own job – not when he needs to protect the wellbeing of our families and communities. No one has helped Puerto Rico as much as Governor Scott and I am honored to join more than forty of my follow Puerto Rican officials in standing beside him and his campaign for Senate. While it is incredibly frustrating to see partisan politics being valued more than Puerto Rican families, at the end of the day, Puerto Ricans know that action matter more than words… and Governor Scott’s actions speak louder and truer than the endorsement of any one individual.”

Former Governor Luis Fortuño said, “Floridians have a unique opportunity this election – to elect Governor Scott, a leader who has proven time and time again to be a true partner, friend and supporter of the Puerto Rican community. We don’t need any more talkers in Washington. We need doers like Governor Scott, whose deeds and record prove he will he will bring energy and results to the US Senate. I am thankful for what the Governor has done for Puerto Rico and I know that he will continue to fight for Puerto Rican families and communities in Washington as Florida’s next Senator.”

Lieutenant Governor and Secretary of State Luis Rivera Marin said, “Governor Scott has taken real action to help the people of Puerto Rico. He’s been a real partner for us and is a friend that we can rely on. Senator Nelson, however, shows up in the last few months before a campaign and expects our votes, but he does absolutely nothing for us and our communities in the U.S. Senate. Nelson has not been there for Puerto Rico, which is why so many elected officials in Puerto Rico are supporting Rick Scott. I know Governor Scott will continue to be there for Puerto Rico and I am proud to join my fellow Puerto Ricans in standing with our true champion for Senate, Governor Scott.”

Senate President Thomas Rivera Schatz said, “To our fellow Puerto Ricans in the State of Florida: Governor Rick Scott has always been there for the people of Puerto Rico when we need him. Without excuses, with a GENUINE disposition to help and protect Boricuas, he was there for us after Hurricane Maria struck the island. Let your voice be heard, make your voice count for you and your loved ones. We want and need a friend of Puerto Rico in the U.S. Senate. Boricua vote for Rick Scott!”

Speaker of the House of Representatives, Carlos ‘Johnny’ Méndez Núñez, said, “Puerto Rico needs a Senator who passionately advocates for admission to Congress, who makes statehood one of their priorities – and that person is the governor of the State of Florida, Rick Scott. Rick Scott has always been on the side of Puerto Rico, recognizing that the admission is an act of justice for the American citizens who live on the island and he is committed to achieving it, which is why he has my full support. This is not a matter for Republicans and Democrats, but for who will advocate and fight for statehood. Rick Scott takes action and follows through with his word. It was key to dealing with the ravages of Hurricane Maria, both in Puerto Rico and in his state. He visited us on multiple occasions and brought direct help to restore electric service, among other things. He was also proactive in helping the nearly 300,000 Puerto Ricans who went to their state after María. It has been very clear that he supports statehood and that it will be one of the causes, and for this reason, we need all Puerto Ricans in Florida, without distinction of political affiliation, to vote for Rick Scott in November.”

The following Puerto Rican officials have recognized Governor Scott’s efforts to support Puerto Rico and Florida’s Puerto Rico community, and have since endorsed the Governor’s Senate campaign.The representatives and mayors starred* below are announcing their endorsements today:

  1. Congresswoman Jenniffer González-Colón
  2. Fmr. Gov. Luis Fortuño
  3. LG Luis Rivera Marin
  4. Senate President Thomas Rivera Schatz
  5. Senate Vice President Larry Seilhamer Rodriguez
  6. Speaker Johnny Mendez
  7. Fmr. Attorney General Jose Fuentes
  8. Committeewoman Zoraida Fonalledas
  9. Hon. Nelson Cruz, Senator*
  10. Hon. Eric Correa, Senator*
  11. Hon. Nayda Venegas, Senator*
  12. Hon. Miguel Laureano, Senator*
  13. Hon. Henry Neuman, Senator*
  14. Rep. Jose Aponte-Hernandez
  15. Rep. Eddie Charbonier
  16. Rep. Maria Ramos
  17. Rep. Angelo Cruz
  18. Rep. Jorge Navarro
  19. Rep. Gabriel Rodriguez
  20. Rep. Michael Abid Quiñones
  21. Rep. Maria Charbonier
  22. Rep. Manuel Claudio
  23. Rep. Jackie Rodriguez
  24. Rep. Lourdes Ramos
  25. Rep. Jose “Quiquito” Melendez
  26. Rep. Felix Lassalle
  27. Rep. Georgie Navarro
  28. Rep. Gabriel Rodriguez
  29. Rep. Juan Oscar Morales
  30. Rep. Victor Pares
  31. Rep. Tony Soto
  32. Rep. Junior Perez
  33. Rep. Yashira Lebron
  34. Rep. Nelson Del Valle
  35. Rep. Pelle Santiago
  36. Rep. Guillermo Miranda
  37. Rep. Jose Gonzalez
  38. Rep. Joel Franqui
  39. Rep. Maricarmen Mas
  40. Rep. Victor Torres
  41. Rep. Jose Alberto Banchs
  42. Rep. Urayoan Hernandez
  43. Rep. Rey Vargas
  44. Rep. Angel Bulerin
  45. Rep. Nestor Alonso
  46. Rep. Pichy Torres Zamora
  47. President of Mayors Federation and Mayor of Arecibo Carlos Molina
  48. Mayor of Bayamon, Ramon Luis Rivera
  49. Mayor of Guaynabo Angel Perez
  50. Mayor of Aguadilla Carlos Mendez
  51. Mayor of Camuy Edwin Garcia
  52. Senator Henry Newmann*
  53. Mayor of Cataño Félix Delgado*
  54. Mayor of Ceiba Angelo Cruz*
  55. Mayor of Naguabo Noe Marcano*
  56. Mayor of Yaco Luigi Torres*
  57. Mayor of Guanica Santos Seda*
  58. Mayor of Cataño Felix Delgado
  59. Mayor of Moca Kiko Aviles*