Gov. Scott Statement on Senator Nelson’s Slanderous Attack

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Today, Senator Bill Nelson’s desperate campaign claimed Governor Scott and First Lady Ann Scott broke the law. And, the Associated Press published this slanderous attack from Nelson. In response, Governor Rick Scott released the following statement.

Governor Rick Scott said, ”My wife runs her own finances. That may be a hard thing for Senator Nelson to understand. Does Senator Nelson think that my wife couldn’t do that without me? Maybe he thinks a woman is not up to the job of managing her own money. It is no secret that I was successful in business. I will never apologize that I was able to start businesses and create jobs for thousands and thousands of people. I’ve heard these attacks for years – there are reporters out there who know more about my investments than I do. But, I want everyone to have success, and that’s what I’ve been focused on as Governor.

“Being in politics too long can make you cynical. Senator Nelson has been a professional politician his entire life. He can’t wrap his head around the idea that somebody could run for office and not do it to make a profit or make it a career. Let’s remember: Senator Nelson sat back and watched for years while his friends in Congress used insider trading information to make themselves wealthier. It took years for Nelson to get around to voting to prohibit insider trading by Senators and members of Congress. And while I have a blind trust, which shields from conflicts of interest, slanderous Senator Nelson is fully aware and has control over the investments he makes. Before Nelson points fingers on my – or my wife’s – investments, he should check his own back account, which has been funded by taxpayers to the tune of $4.4 million.

“I’ve been blessed to live in this country and enjoy the opportunities it provides. If all I cared about was money, I would never have run for office. But, being Governor of Florida has been the absolute best job and creating jobs and opportunities for people is my greatest joy.  It is disgusting Senator Nelson would accuse me or my wife of breaking the law – he is so desperate to remain a career politician.”