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    Scott for Florida Legal Team Calls for Removal of Democrat’s False, Misleading and Potentially Dangerous Negative Ad

    TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – This week, the Scott for Florida campaign’s legal team sent a take-down letter to Florida television stations demanding the removal of a recent false, misleading, and potentially dangerous negative advertisement by SMP, an out-of-state Democratic group supporting Senator Bill Nelson. As well as including intentionally misleading and factually-inaccurate material on the Governor’s record, SMP’s ad aimed to cast Governor Rick Scott as an untrustworthy leader who doesn’t look out for Florida – at the same time the Governor was tirelessly working to prepare the state for a major storm and warning Floridians to seek shelter and safety in advance of Hurricane Michael’s devastating impacts.

    “It’s inexcusable that an out-of-state democratic group would run a false, negative ad attempting to portray Governor Scott as untrustworthy while he works day and night to keep families safe from one of the most devastating hurricanes we have ever seen. The people of Florida rely on Governor Scott for accurate storm response and safety information – and a false ad suggesting Floridians should not listen to the Governor isn’t just ill-timed, it’s dangerous. Senator Nelson has claimed that this hurricane is not about politics – if he truly believes that, the Senator should demand his democratic allies immediately take down this irresponsible ad.” – Chris Hartline, Scott for Florida Spokesman