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    WHAT THEY ARE SAYING… Florida Veterans Condemn Democrats’ Misleading, Desperate Ad Against Gov. Scott’s Navy Service

    TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – While Senator Nelson and his democratic allies are continuing to launch misleading and negative attacks, Governor Scott is continuing to focus on Hurricane Michael response and recovery. As such, please see the below statements from Florida veterans and members of the Vets for Scott Coalition.

    Arthur “Chip” Diehl, retired Brigadier General with the U.S. Air Force,said, “This ad is shameful. A weak, last minute shot to nowhere. Veterans engage to win and win with pride. We serve and follow our leaders on action, courageous example and selfless commitment. Leading our state through our most recent hurricanes is a perfect example. From standing strong against drilling in the Gulf due to its impact on Florida’s military range operations to supporting each and every military installation’s readiness to serve our nation, challenging the VA to improve access and eliminate delays in care, and making Florida the most military friendly state in the nation, Governor Scott’s record is unchallenged. Veterans stand with Governor Scott and are ready to go to battle any day on behalf of our great state and nation. We encourage Governor Scott to wear his hat with pride every day as he serves as our next Senator.”

    Rick LoCastro, Colonel U.S. Air Force (Retired), said, “Attacking anyone who has selflessly served our country is out of bounds. Governor Scott has worked hard over the past seven and half years to make Florida the #1 state for veterans. He has taken care of veterans, military members, and their families, and his commitment to ensuring veterans are honored and thanked for their service is unmatched. It is extremely disappointing to see anyone put politics above proud service to our country.”

    Kat Gates-Skipper, USMC & USMCR 20 years, Gulf War Veteran, said, “As a veteran, I am disheartened to see Bill Nelson and his democrat friends play politics with our military – but their false attacks can’t distract from the truth. I have seen firsthand the numerous ways Governor Scott honors our American heroes and their families. He truly goes above and beyond to take the time to recognize all veterans that have served honorably – he cares about our community and it’s obvious. I can’t wait to see him elected to the U.S. Senate so he can continue to fight for veterans and work to clean up the mess that is Washington.”

    Mitchell Burke, U.S. Army Veteran, said, “Democrats are now so desperate that they have decided to launch an attack on what Governor Scott is most known for – his service. He served our country as a member of the U.S. Navy, and for seven and a half years, he has served our state – including its many veterans – as Governor. While democratic groups launch yet another tasteless ad, Governor Scott has his boots on the ground helping communities respond to a devastating hurricane. It’s shameful that Senator Nelson would allow his democratic allies to continue this attack.”

    George Taylor, Sr., U.S. Army Veteran and Founder/President of National Veterans Homeless Support, said, “Actions speak louder than words, and Governor Scott has delivered on his promise to make Florida the most veteran and military friendly state in the nation. Governor Scott has not only made it a priority to recognize Florida’s military members and veterans at every opportunity, but he supports priorities that matter most to their families and loved ones, such as creating jobs and reducing the cost of education. Floridians will remember Governor Scott’s actions – not these desperate attacks by Senator Nelson’s democratic allies.”

    Tom O’Malley, U.S. Navy Veteran, said, “I served this great country in our Navy, like Governor Scott. I salute him and will stand beside him proudly. Veterans stand for each other, just as has Governor Scott has stood for us for the past seven and a half years. His record speaks for itself – he’s fought for better VA healthcare and enhanced the lives of military members, veterans, and their families by increasing education benefits and connecting veterans and military members with the resources they need to be successful in our state. This ad is truly an act of desperation. I salute the Governor and will forever be proud of his courageous leadership – for me, our veterans, and all those who sacrifice for our freedom.”

    Rear Admiral Wayne Justice, U.S. Coast Guard (Retired), said, “I’m disappointed to see an ad in such poor taste by democratic groups supporting Senator Nelson. Attempting to belittle Governor Scott’s military service for political reasons crosses the line – especially as Governor Scott responds to one of the worst storms our state has seen in years. As a fellow veteran, Senator Nelson should be ashamed to have an ad like this on the air. Governor Scott is a true leader – from seeing our state through tragedy to leading Florida through an incredible economic turnaround – and he has been the biggest proponent of veterans and their military families. I look forward to his continued service and am proud to support his bid for U.S. Senate.”