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    Senator Lindsey Graham: Rick Scott is the Clear Choice for Senate

    TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Today, South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham released the below statement following continued misleading and negative attacks focused on the Governor’s military service by Schumer-backed liberal groups supporting Senator Bill Nelson. Members of the Vets for Scott Coalition previously released statements on these attacks HERE.

    Senator Lindsey Graham said, “These desperate attacks against Rick Scott by the Schumer-backed liberal groups are beyond the pale.

    “Governor Scott served in our Armed Forces. He understands the military and what our soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines need to continue protecting our nation and our interests. He has been a friend to the military and veteran communities in Florida. I know he has worked hard to make the state one of the most military and veteran friendly in the country.

    “In the Senate, I have no doubts that Rick Scott will consistently vote in support of the best interests of our military, in support of pay raises, and in support of better equipment and training for our troops.

    “If you are a Floridian concerned about national security and the welfare of our veterans, Rick Scott is the clear choice for Senate.”