Former Puerto Rico Governor and Democrat Carlos Romero Barceló Endorses Gov. Scott’s Campaign for U.S. Senate

MIAMI, Fla. – Today, Governor Rick Scott joined former Puerto Rico Governor and democrat Carlos Romero Barceló in Miami to meet with South Florida’s Puerto Rican community and announce Carlos Romero Barceló’s endorsement of the Governor’s U.S. Senate campaign. Carlos Romero Barceló also previously served as Puerto Rico’s Congressman and state senator and as Mayor of San Juan. Governor Scott has accepted the endorsements of 60 Puerto Rican officials.

Governor Rick Scott said, “I am proud to have worked closely with Puerto Rico leaders to ensure the families of Puerto Rico who are here in Florida have all the resources they need to succeed. My focus will always be on making sure Florida is the most welcoming state and that we are doing everything we can to help Puerto Ricans both here and on the island. I am honored to receive the endorsement today of Former Puerto Rico Governor Carlos Romero Barceló, an incredible leader and advocate for the Puerto Rican community. I look forward to continuing to do all we can in Florida to help Puerto Rican families, and I will keep fighting for these families in D.C.”

Former Puerto Rico Governor Carlos Romero Barceló said, “As a former Governor, I know what it means to lead, and that is exactly what Governor Scott has done for his neighbors the American citizens in Puerto Rico. No one has helped the Puerto Rican community as much as Governor Scott, and he was here when they moved to Florida because of the Hurricane. No other elected official or politician has helped the American Citizens who have moved from Puerto Rico to Florida. As a lifelong Democrat, I value actions over words, and Governor Scott truly puts people above partisan politics. I am proud to endorse Governor Scott today, as he has proven time and time again to be a true partner, friend and supporter of fellow American Citizens of Puerto Rico. I know he will continue to be the best person to fight for us in our quest for equality in Washington as Florida’s next Senator.”

The following Puerto Rican officials have previously endorsed Gov. Scott’s campaign for U.S. Senate, including Congresswoman Jenniffer González-Colón, Former Governor Luis Fortuño, Lieutenant Governor and Secretary of State Luis Rivera Marin, Senate President Thomas Rivera Schatz, and Speaker of the House of Representatives, Carlos ‘Johnny’ Méndez Núñez.

1.           Congresswoman Jenniffer González-Colón

2.           Fmr. Gov. Luis Fortuño

3.           LG Luis Rivera Marin

4.           Senate President Thomas Rivera Schatz

5.           Senate Vice President Larry Seilhamer Rodriguez

6.           Speaker Johnny Mendez

7.           Fmr. Attorney General Jose Fuentes

8.           Committeewoman Zoraida Fonalledas

9.           Hon. Nelson Cruz, Senator

10.        Hon. Eric Correa, Senator

11.        Hon. Nayda Venegas, Senator

12.        Hon. Miguel Laureano, Senator

13.        Hon. Henry Neuman, Senator

14.        Rep. Jose Aponte-Hernandez

15.        Rep. Eddie Charbonier

16.        Rep. Maria Ramos

17.        Rep. Angelo Cruz

18.        Rep. Jorge Navarro

19.        Rep. Gabriel Rodriguez

20.        Rep. Michael Abid Quiñones

21.        Rep. Maria Charbonier

22.        Rep. Manuel Claudio

23.        Rep. Jackie Rodriguez

24.        Rep. Lourdes Ramos

25.        Rep. Jose “Quiquito” Melendez

26.        Rep. Felix Lassalle

27.        Rep. Georgie Navarro

28.        Rep. Gabriel Rodriguez

29.        Rep. Juan Oscar Morales

30.        Rep. Victor Pares

31.        Rep. Tony Soto

32.        Rep. Junior Perez

33.        Rep. Yashira Lebron

34.        Rep. Nelson Del Valle

35.        Rep. Pelle Santiago

36.        Rep. Guillermo Miranda

37.        Rep. Jose Gonzalez

38.        Rep. Joel Franqui

39.        Rep. Maricarmen Mas

40.        Rep. Victor Torres

41.        Rep. Jose Alberto Banchs

42.        Rep. Urayoan Hernandez

43.        Rep. Rey Vargas

44.        Rep. Angel Bulerin

45.        Rep. Nestor Alonso

46.        Rep. Pichy Torres Zamora

47.        President of Mayors Federation and Mayor of Arecibo Carlos Molina

48.        Mayor of Bayamon, Ramon Luis Rivera

49.        Mayor of Guaynabo Angel Perez

50.        Mayor of Aguadilla Carlos Mendez

51.        Mayor of Camuy Edwin Garcia

52.        Senator Henry Newmann

53.        Mayor of Cataño Félix Delgado

54.        Mayor of Ceiba Angelo Cruz

55.        Mayor of Naguabo Noe Marcano

56.        Mayor of Yaco Luigi Torres

57.        Mayor of Guanica Santos Seda

58.        Mayor of Cataño Felix Delgado

59.        Mayor of Moca Kiko Aviles