Scott for Florida Campaign Releases Newest Statewide Television and Digital Ad: “Corruption: Washington Style”

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Today, the Scott for Florida campaign released its latest statewide television and digital ad: “Corruption: Washington Style,” which questions the Washington style corruption of Senator Bill Nelson’s 1989 real estate deal and the use of its profits as a potentially illegal campaign contribution. While it would be obviously illegal for a foreign national to give Nelson millions of dollars for his gubernatorial campaign, a real estate deal could be used to disguise the transaction… a clever Washington style way to skirt the law.

In 1983, Senator Nelson purchased property in McLean, Virginia for $145,000 and spent $1 million to build a luxury home near Washington, D.C. Nine years later, he put the home on the market for more than twice its assessed value, which was only $1.4 million. The home was then purchased for $3.4 million -significantly more than its assessed value- by a Rafik Hariri, a Lebanese business tycoon and politician with a legacy of corruption. At the time of the sale, Nelson was seeking the Democratic nomination for governor. Nelson’s campaign manager publicly admitted that he and Nelson previously discussed the likelihood of needing to use Nelson’s own personal money to fund the campaign, and he told members of the media that the profits of this sale would be used. Hariri later resold the property for a significant loss, and Nelson pocketed nearly $2 million just in time to fund his campaign. Hariri, who was an advisor to the Saudi Ambassador to the United States at the time, later became Prime Minister of Lebanon. For more information, click HERE.

“From selling his over-priced mansion to a corrupt tycoon to essentially using those profits as a campaign donation for his failed run for governor, Senator Nelson clearly owes Floridians a thorough and long-overdue explanation on what appears to be an illegal campaign contribution disguised as a real estate deal. After forty years as a professional politician, Bill Nelson seems to think there are only two ways to be successful: take millions of dollars in tax-payer funded salary or resort to Washington corruption to fund his political campaign. Like so many Washington politicians, it seems Senator Nelson found a way to make his time in Washington pay… for him.”– Chris Hartline, Scott for Florida Spokesman

Watch the ad above and see the full script here:

Narrator: Corruption: Washington Style.

Senator Nelson built a Washington mansion for $1.2 million bucks, then sold it to a corrupt Middle East tycoon for $3.4 million… $2 million more than its assessed value.

Nelson pockets $2 million.

The corrupt tycoon later offloads it for just $1.9 million… a huge loss.

That’s corruption: Washington style.

Nelson pockets $2 million… was it an illegal campaign contribution disguised as a real estate deal?

That’s corruption: Washington style.