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    Gov. Scott Releases Statewide TV and Digital Ad: “Coming Together”

    TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Today, Governor Rick Scott released his latest statewide TV and digital ad, “Coming Together,” which highlights Governor’s Scott experience seeing people come together to help those in need following Hurricane Michael, and the Governor’s commitment to bringing that to Washington.

    Governor Rick Scott said, “My opponent, Senator Bill Nelson, has chosen to end this campaign by inciting fear. Senator Nelson said that our country was becoming so divided that we were becoming like Rwanda– when genocide happened. Nelson seems to see us slipping into that kind of disaster… but that’s not what Florida is about. Florida is defined by what we’ve seen in the Panhandle over the last few weeks – people coming together. That’s who we are. People from all over our state and our country have come together to help those whose lives were devastated by Hurricane Michael. And I know, with the right leadership in Washington, we can bring America together too.”

    Watch the ad above and see the full script here:

    Gov. Rick Scott: “You wouldn’t believe the stories of wonderful people helping each other.

    “They’re not saying, ‘Are you a Republican or a Democrat?’

    “They’re saying, ‘Do you need a generator, do you need food, do you need water, or can I help you get a tarp on your roof?’

    “That’s what we ought to be doing – we ought to be coming together.

    “We can do that in Washington. We can bring America together.

    “I know we can.

    “I’m Rick Scott. I approve this message.”