Governor Scott Wins Second Election Lawsuit

BROWARD COUNTY – Today, Broward County Circuit Judge Carol-Lisa Phillips ruled in favor of Governor Scott and ordered the immediate release of voter information from the county’s supervisor of elections.

This order is the result of the lawsuit filed by Rick Scott for Florida late yesterday in response to the Broward County Supervisor of Elections refusing to provide information to the public. Judge Carol-Lisa Phillips also found that Brenda Snipes violated Florida’s open records laws by failing to turn over the information. See the original filing HERE.

“We are glad that the Broward Supervisor of Elections is being held accountable for this unethical failure. Bill Nelson and his rag tag group of liberal lawyers from D.C. keep trying to steal this election, but they won’t get away with it. Floridians deserve transparency, and we are going to keep fighting to protect the choice the voters made in this election.” – Chris Hartline, Spokesman for Scott for Florida