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    Supervisor Snipes Fails to Comply with Court Order

    Tonight, the Scott for Florida campaign received documents from the Broward County Supervisor of Elections. However,  Supervisor Snipes still fails to comply with today’s court order because she refuses to confirm whether or not additional ballots exist that must be counted.

    Three days after Election Day, the vote tally continues to change and Supervisor Snipes still refuses to explain where and how the new votes came to light. The public deserves a clear and direct answer.

    The Scott for Florida team is officially calling on Supervisor Snipes to formally confirm that she has now reported every last ballot in Broward County (excluding the yet-to-be-received military ballots and provisional ballots still pending canvassing certification). Failure to respond to this request would amount to a continued willful violation of the court’s order to provide all requested records and potentially subject the Supervisor to sanctions for contempt of court. 

    – Scott for Florida Team