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    Scott for Florida Announces Team of Over 7,500 Volunteer Recount Representatives

    TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Today, the Scott for Florida team announced more than 7,500 volunteer recount representatives have been secured to monitor the recount process and ensure election officials are following the law. Volunteer recount representatives will be deployed to Supervisors of Elections offices across the state and are trained to report any witnessed issues regarding machine set up and testing, ballot storage and transportation, the counting of votes and more, so that any potential issues can be quickly reviewed and resolved.

    “Instead of wasting time and resources by trying to steal an election, Bill Nelson and his liberal activists should face the facts: Florida voters have spoken and they have chosen Governor Rick Scott as their next U.S. Senator. Now, thousands of Floridians are volunteering their time to make sure the will of these voters is respected, and that Supervisors of Elections and their staff act responsibly and in accordance with the law. We appreciate these hardworking volunteers for taking the time to protect this process and support Senator-elect Rick Scott.” – Chris Hartline, Spokesman for Scott for Florida