Recount Update: Day 1

Morning all,

Yesterday’s unofficial election results confirmed what we’ve known since Tuesday: Rick Scott won a close but decisive victory.

A few important things to remember:

  • Rick Scott won the election over incumbent Senator Bill Nelson. The margin was 12,562 votes.
  • Rick Scott won more votes in a midterm election than any U.S. Senate candidate in Florida history.
  • Bill Nelson’s lawyer Marc Elias has previously stated that margins smaller than ours were “insurmountable” and “well exceed the largest margin ever overcome in a recount.” He’s previously urged clients to “graciously concede.”
  • Bill Nelson has the option of declining a recount.

We couldn’t have said it any better than Senator Lindsey Graham: “Rick Scott ‘won the election fair and square’”

“He won the election fair and square,” Graham said, using the past tense in a conference call with reporters arranged by Scott’s campaign.

“Liberal Democrats in the 2018 cycle have had a disturbing pattern of trying to get outcomes and the law be damned,” Graham said. “When it came to Judge Kavanaugh, they turned the rules upside down.”

You can read that story from the Tampa Bay Times here.

This morning, Senator-Elect Scott will be joining Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday.Check your local listings.

In case you missed it, Senator-Elect Scott joined Dana Perino on Friday to discuss the ongoing disputes and voting problems in Broward and Palm Beach County. You can see that interview here:

Tweets of the day, from Saturday: