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    Scott for Florida Legal Update


    Following the Scott for Florida’s request for local law enforcement to help protect the security of ballots, the Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections and the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Department reached an agreement today to enhance security at the Supervisor’s office through the certification of the vote.

    Additionally, the Scott for Florida team has filed a new complaint in Hillsborough County requesting all election observers -of both parties- be provided access to the same room where the ongoing recount process is taking place. This follows the Hillsborough Supervisor of Elections not allowing observers into the recount room, which is a violation of Florida law. View the complaint HERE.

    “Once again, we succeeded in enhancing the protection and security of ballots- an important win for the voters of Palm Beach County. Unfortunately, we are also again having to turn to the court to force a Supervisor of Elections to follow the law and provide Floridians with the transparency they deserve. While Bill Nelson and his D.C. lawyer continue to file frivolous lawsuits attacking Florida’s laws, Senator-elect Rick Scott will remain focused on actually respecting the will of the voters.” – Chris Hartline, Spokesman for Scott for Florida