Recount Update: Day 5

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As we expected, the judge made a very limited decision this morning. We have already filed an appeal. See our statement here:


One note of clarification based on early reports. Judge Walker’s ruling is EXTREMELY narrow. He says that Supervisors of Elections are “required to allow voters who have been belatedly notified they have submitted a mismatched-signature ballot to cure their ballots by November 17, 2018, at 5:00 p.m.”

The important word here is belatedly. This is a tiny subsection of the approximately 5,000 signature mismatched ballots. Put simpler, this is a very small number of ballots.

A couple notes on yesterday’s hearing in Bill Nelson’s suit regarding mismatched signatures:

  1. The Nelson campaign’s main request was brushed aside as ludicrous. The judge immediately said he wouldn’t order all signature mismatch ballots automatically counted. This morning’s decision will be spun as a win by Nelson’s team, but anyone who can count realizes that’s not the case.
  2. Leon County Supervisor of Elections testified that they were very liberal in how they matched signatures (even saying they’d count it as a match if they could match certain individual swoops) and that the ballots they threw out could not been seen as a match BY ANY REASONABLE PERSON.
  3. The judge was clearly not pleased with the series of lawsuits Nelson and liberal DC groups have filed that ask him to rewrite the entire FL election code AFTER the election. Even with this morning’s limited decision (we’re confident will be overturned), it doesn’t bode well for the rest of the suits.

As we near the machine recount deadline this afternoon, it has become clear to everyone (except Bill Nelson) that Senator-elect Scott’s 12,000+ vote lead truly is “insurmountable.”

A few statements of note from a recent Politico story for your consideration:

  • “Nelson has two major problems, experts say: Nelson’s lawsuits were filed so late … and the margin he trails Scott by is so big… makes it highly unlikely that Nelson could make up enough ground.” 
  • “[Nelson] would have to win in every case. And even then, it would not seem to be enough to change the outcome.”
  • “It’s a rabbit out of a hat. But there’s not enough rabbit.”
  • “In the unlikely event Nelson can ‘run the table’ in court, he just can’t see how the Democrat could pull ahead. Where are the votes going to come from?”

Read the full article: Nelson needs ‘royal flush’ in court cases, but will likely come up short

And a bonus CNN article with a headline that can’t be missed: Bill Nelson needs a miracle in Florida. It likely won’t come.

It’s also become clear that Democrats will stop at nothing to count illegally cast ballots – because breaking or changing Florida election laws is the only way for them to get what they want, regardless of the will of the voters.

In fact, yesterday’s report from Politico detailed how the Democratic Party altered official state election documents to essentially encourage and instruct voters to try to vote days after the legal deadline… what appears to be part of a larger strategy of sowing discord and playing games with the legal process.

What remains unknown: Will Bill Nelson, a Senator with a 42-year career in politics and public service, choose to let his legacy be tarnished and replaced by the image of an angry, bitter career politician more focused on clinging to his seat in D.C. than on respecting the will of Florida voters? 

Governor Jeb Bush put it best: “Senator NELSON, please stop the lawsuits, let the votes be accounted according to Florida law and accept the results. Don’t tarnish your years of service to Florida.” 

At 3:00 PM today, it’s up to Nelson to decide. 

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Reminder: Governor Scott won the election by a margin that is mathematically impossible to close without fraud and Bill Nelson can decline a recount at any time.

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