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    Florida Dems’ fraudulent faceplant

    Going into this election, it was hard to imagine the Florida Democratic Party screwing things up more than they already have. But here we are.

    In recent days, multiple reports have surfaced describing a concerted effort by the state Democratic Party to fraudulently mislead voters with altered documents into attempting to cure their absentee ballot after election day. What’s worse, it seems to suggest that this was a coordinated effort with Bill Nelson’s legal team to trick voters into casting illegal votes in hopes a judge would allow them.

    According to the Naples Daily News: “One Palm Beach Democratic activist said in an interview the idea was to have voters fix and submit as many absentee ballots as possible with the altered forms in hopes of later including them in vote totals if a judge ruled such ballots were allowed.”

    CNN reported that Florida Democratic Party officials have ordered an internal investigation, which I’m sure will be totally serious and thorough, you guys.

    Meanwhile, according to Politico, the Florida Democratic Party Vice Chairman is throwing his staff under the bus: “It was mid-level and it was a bunch of go-getters and young people who wanted to make a difference and didn’t realize this is a major political party and this is not how you get things done,” Clendenin said in an interview.

    Of course, anyone who’s following this story and anyone who’s followed Florida politics for the last few decades would disagree with the notion that the Florida Democratic Party is a “major political party.”

    “Since the Florida Democrats were caught fraudulently misleading voters with altered government documents, Bill Nelson has once again gone into hiding. But he owes the people of Florida an explanation for the potentially illegal activities of the party he leads. Ironically, pursuing this unwinnable recount has only served to sully Bill Nelson’s legacy with Democrat shenanigans and fraud. It’s time for Bill Nelson to bow out gracefully and release any campaign documents related to the potentially illegal activity of the Florida Democrats.” – Chris Hartline, Scott for Florida Spokesman