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    Nelson path to victory falls flat

    As anyone who can count has known for 10 days, Rick Scott’s margin of victory over Bill Nelson is mathematically impossible to close in a recount.

    But let’s take a look back at what Nelson’s DC lawyer claimed was the path to victory for Florida’s soon to be former senator:

    Elias: Not all the ballots have been counted yet in South Florida, a Democratic stronghold

    Reality: Now they have – twice. Bill Nelson still lost.

    Elias: Undervote in Broward County will magically result in thousands of new Bill Nelson votes

    Reality: Undervote in Broward County was consistent across absentee ballots, early voting and election day voting. In one of the greatest self-owns in recent political history, Bill Nelson is merely drawing attention to how little Democrats in Broward County like him.  ✅

    Elias: Provisional ballots will break hard for Democrats

    Reality: They didn’t.

    Elias: We can change every election law in Florida after the fact to create more ballots out of thin air

    Reality (a judge): No, you can’t.

    “Bill Nelson has served the country and the state of Florida for decades. But his DC lawyers don’t care about his legacy. All they care about is changing Florida’s election laws ahead of the 2020 presidential race. With the hand recount concluding in most counties across the state showing no significant change in the margin, it’s time for Bill Nelson to face reality and concede.” – Chris Hartline, Scott for Florida Spokesman