Democrats’ Green Raw Deal

Washington, D.C. – Democrats’ war on American energy is crushing hard-working Floridians. Everything from gas prices to home heating prices have soared since Joe Biden took office. In 2020, a gallon of home heating oil cost $2.55 and a gallon of gas cost $2.17. Today, a gallon of home heating oil costs $4.70 and a gallon of gas costs $3.34.

This isn’t some mistake Democrats made – it’s a feature of their Green New Deal agenda. Their solution to the high gas prices they created is for Americans to buy a new $60,000 electric vehicle. They couldn’t be more out of touch if they tried.

Floridians are struggling to keep their gas tanks full thanks to Democrats’ Green New Deal policies. But Democrats don’t seem to care. They just want you to buy an electric car and stop complaining about high gas prices. The Green New Deal might be fine for the wealthy who can afford expensive electric cars, but it’s a raw deal for everyone else.