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    Florida deserves more than 1% of a Senator

    Senator Nelson has been called out numerous times for failing to accomplish anything notable for Florida, including…

    • During his time in Congress, Senator Nelson has filed a total of 906 bills, of which only 11 have become law. That’s a 1% success rate. (“Legislation Sponsored By Bill Nelson,” Library Of Congress)
    • In 1990, almost 20 years after first being elected to a public office, the Orlando Sentinel found, “Mr. Nelson has been running for something or other during much of his life, but leaving few footprints behind.” (Editorial, “Lawton Chiles A Statesman,” Orlando Sentinel, 8/26/90)
    • In 2012, the Tampa Bay Times noted, “He is not seen as a forceful voice in debates and cuts a ghostly presence in Capitol Halls.” (Alex Leary, “Sen. Nelson’s Cautious Approach,” Tampa Bay Times, 5/28/12)
    • A 2017 survey found that nearly half of Floridians did not have an opinion of Senator Nelson. (Public Opinion Research Laboratory at the University of North Florida, 10/24/17)



    HOUSE & SENATE Sponsored Became law
    HOUSE 56 3
    SENATE 850 8
    GRAND TOTAL 906 11



    # of bills Bill Nelson files per year
    SENATE Sponsored Became law
    107th (2001-02) 75 0
    108th (2003-04) 90 0
    109th (2005-06)* 128 0
    110th (2007-08) 109 2
    111th (2009-10) 115 2
    112th (2011-12)* 74 0
    113th (2013-14) 63 2
    114th (2015-16) 80 1
    115th (2017-18)* 116 1
    TOTAL 850 8
    % BECOMING LAW 0.9%

    NOTE: *election year

    While Senator Nelson has nothing during his nearly 40 years in Washington, Governor Scott spent the last seven and a half years completely turning around Florida’s economy

    • Tax cuts led to more than $10 billion returned to Florida’s taxpayers.
    • More than 88,000 new businesses opened in Florida.
    • Florida’s tourism industry achieved its highest quarter ever.
    • Florida’s unemployment rate is at its lowest in over a decade.
    • Florida’s economy surpassed $1 trillion.
    • Florida’s crime rate is now at a 47-year low.

    “You would think that after nearly half a century career, Senator Nelson would be good at this job. But 40 years later, his success rate for Floridians is ONE PERCENT. Floridians deserve more than one percent of a Senator. It’s time for Senator Nelson to come home to Florida and be replaced by a proven leader who actually knows how to secure results.”  – Lauren Schenone, Scott for Florida Press Secretary



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