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    Students for Scott

    Hi. I’m Governor Rick Scott.

    Growing up, my family struggled. My mother, Esther, pushed me to focus on my education, knowing that it would help me get a job and give me a shot at living the American Dream. She was right – and now we are working to make sure every student in Florida has those same opportunities.

    As governor, I’ve worked to keep tuition low and support job creation, so the students of today can become the leaders of tomorrow. Florida is one of the least expensive states to get a college degree with one of the lowest student loan debt averages in the country. Our tech centers and workforce training programs are also helping match students with great careers every day.

    We want this success to continue – both here in Florida and across the country.

    That’s why I’m running for Senate to reform Washington so that it works for us – not for career politicians.

    To do that, I need your help. Join my Students for Scott Coalition today to support our fight to make Florida the best place for students to succeed.

    Let’s get to work.

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