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    Under Governor Scott’s leadership, more than $10 billion in taxes have been cut for Florida’s families and businesses.  Join our team today.

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    Governor Scott believes having a great job is the best way for families to provide for their loved ones and achieve their dreams, which is why he has consistently fought to make Florida a global destination for job creation. Since December 2010, Florida has created more than 1.5 million private sector jobs and the state’s unemployment rate continues to drop and private sector job growth has continued to outpace the nation.

    Under Governor Scott’s leadership, more than $10 billion in taxes have been cut for Florida’s families and businesses. Florida’s turnaround under Governor Scott now serves as a blueprint for the nation – when taxes are cut, and investments are made in what matters most to families, businesses grow and create jobs. Governor Scott also proposed, and the legislature approved, Amendment 5 to be placed on the November ballot which will give Floridians the opportunity to amend the Florida Constitution, to make it harder for politicians to raise taxes. Governor Scott has also proposed making it harder for politicians to raise taxes while in the United States Senate.

    Governor Scott also contributes part of Florida’s incredible economic success to the state’s growing tourism industry and has fought for important investments to make sure Florida continues to be marketed as the global destination for tourism. As one of the state’s top industries, tourism is crucial to Florida’s economy and employs more than one million Floridians. The tax revenues generated by tourism-related spending represent a primary source of state government funding, generating 23 percent of the state’s sales tax revenue, which helps build roads, support schools, protect the environment, meet healthcare need, and fund other vital programs. Through Governor Scott’s hard work and investments, Florida continues to have record-breaking tourism, with more than 116 million visitors in 2017.

    Governor Scott understands that government doesn’t create jobs. But what government can do, and what Governor Scott did in Florida, is create the environment for business to thrive. That is Florida today, and Governor Scott is committed to bringing this success to Washington and showing career politicians what it means to get to work.